Provided tests in OFI-pts-2020:

Tensile, flexural and impact properties of plastics  
Tensile properties (type 1A specimens; yield & break) ISO 527-2
Tensile properties (modulus of elasticity in tension E) ISO 527-1 / ISO 527-2
Injection moulding of specimens (type 1A) & tensile test ISO 294-1 / ISO 527-1 / ISO 527-2
Flexural properties ISO 178
Charpy impact strength (1eU) at +23 °C ISO 179-1
Charpy impact strength (1eU) at -20 °C ISO 179-1
Izod Notched Impact Strength at +23°C ISO 180
Charpy notched impact strength (1eA) at +23 °C incl. specimen notching ISO 179-1
Charpy notched impact strength (1eA) at -20 °C incl. specimen notching ISO 179-1
Charpy notched impact strength (1fC) - double-V-notch - incl. notching ISO 179-1
Izod impact strength at +23 °C ISO 180
Creep modulus in tension at +23 °C: E(1min), E(1h), E(100h) ISO 899-1
Full-notch creep test ISO 16770


Hardness and abrasion resistance of plastics  
Hardness: ball indentation ISO 2039-1
Hardness: Shore D ISO 868
Abrasion resistance ("Taber", i.e. wear by abrasive wheels) ISO 9352


Thermal properties, thermal analysis and dynamic mechanical properties  
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion a und Tg (TMA) ISO 11359-2
Shear modulus from torsional vibration ISO 6721-7 / ISO 6721-2
Flexural vibration - Resonance-curve method (DMA) ISO 6721-3
Thermal analysis (DSC): glas transition temp. (Tg ) ISO 11357-2
Thermal analysis (DSC): OIT-value ISO 11357-6
Oxidation induction temperature (dynamic OIT) ISO 11357-6
Thermal analysis (DSC): melting & crystallization behaviour ISO 11357-3
Thermal analysis (TGA): carbon black content ISO 11358-2
Vicat softening temperature ISO 306
Temperature of deflection under load ISO 75-2


Properties of plastics in molten state  
Complex shear viscosity of polymer melt (parallel plate rheometer) ISO 6721-10
Fluidity of plastics (capillary rheometer) ISO 11443
Melt mass-flow rate (MFR) ISO 1133


Optical properties  
Colorimetry (colour coordinates + colour difference) DIN 6176
Specular gloss at 20°, 60° and 85° ISO 2813


Light microscopy analysis of layer structures - - -
Semi-Quantitative analysis of elements by means of REM-EDX ISO 22309


Chemical and physic-chemical testing of plastics  
Density of plastics ISO 1183-1
Extractables in PVC ISO 6427
Determination of ash (0,1 % to 10 %) - procedure A ISO 3451-1
Degree of cross-linking of PE-X ISO 10147
Viscosity of PET in dilute solution ISO 1628-5


Environmental exposure tests   
Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps ISO 4892-2 Method A
Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps ISO 4892-3 Cycle 1
Heat aging test on thermoplastic molded compounds, without external mechanical stress DIN 53497
Chemical resistance - - -


Paints and varnishes
Measurement of coating thickness -- Amplitude-sensitive eddy-current method ISO 2360
Measurement of coating thickness -- Magnetic method ISO 2178
Pull-off test for adhesion ISO 4624
Cross cut test ISO 2409
Assessment of degree of blistering ISO 4628-2
Scratch resistance of surfaces DIN EN 15186


Rubber (unvulcanized, vulcanized and fogging properties)  
Mooney-Viskoität von unvulkanisiertem Kautschuk ISO 289-1
Hardness: Shore A ISO 48-4
Hardness: IRHD - method N - normal test ISO 48-5
Hardness: IRHD - method M - microtest ISO 48-2
Compression set ISO 815 ISO 815-1
Density of rubber ISO 2781
Tensile stress-strain properties ISO 37
Tear strength, method A (trouser test Piece) ISO 34-1
Tear strength, method B (angle test Piece) ISO 34-1
Abrasion resistance using Taber abrader ISO 5470-1
Abrasion resistance using a rotating cylindrical drum device ISO 4649


Thin plastic films and other packaging materials  
Tensile properties of plastic films ISO 527-3
Tear test (trouser tear method) ISO 6383-1
T-peel test on flexible multilayer plastic films ISO 11339
Seal seam strength EN 868-5
Determination of the coefficients of friction ISO 8295
Determination of impact resistance by the free-falling dart method ISO 7765-1
Film thickness by mechanical scanning ISO 4593
Water vapour transmission rate ISO 15106-2
Overall migration - Iso-Octan EN 1186-14
Overall migration into 3% acetic acid EN 1186-3
Overall migration into 95% ethanol EN 1186-14
Overall migration into Tenax® EN 1186-13


Plastic sheets for waterproofing  
Flexible sheets for waterproofing - Tensile properties EN 12311-2
Resistance to tearing EN 12310-2
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) EN 12310-1
Resistance to impact EN 12691
Peel resistance of joints EN 12316-2
Dimensional stability EN 1107-2
Static puncture test (CBR-test) for PEHD-sealing sheeting EN ISO 12236
Determination of thickness and mass per unit area EN 1849-2


Plastic pipes and drinking water after contact with Plastics  
Polyolefin pipes - tensile properties ISO 6259-3
Thermoplastic pipes - ring stiffness ISO 9969
Thermoplastics pipes - longitudinal reversion ISO 2505
Thermoplastics pipes - creep ratio ISO 9967
Creep modulus in tension on samples taken from pipes – creep-modulus E1min, E1h, E24h at 23°C according to ISO 899-1
Determination of dimensions ISO 3126
Thermoplastic pipes: Resistance to external blows - staircase method ISO 11173
Thermoplastic pipes: Resistance to external blows - round-the-clock method ISO 3127
Internal pressure test - time to rupture at 20°C ISO 1167-1 / ISO 1167-2
Internal pressure test - time to rupture at 95°C ISO 1167-1 / ISO 1167-2
Degree of pigment or carbon black Dispersion ISO 18553
Determination of chlorine content of PVC-pipes ISO 1158
Test of flow resistance using water as test fluid EN 1267
Rigid PVC pipes - Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) method - Measurement of the enthalpy of fusion of crystallites ISO 18373-2
Rigid PVC pipes - Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) method - Measurement of the processing temperature ISO 18373-1
Pipes made of PVC-U - Restistance against Dichloromethan - Rating of damage ISO 9852


Geotextiles and geosynthetics  
Thickness at specified pressures ISO 9863-1
Characteristic opening size ISO 12956
Wide-width tensile test ISO 10319
Static puncture test (CBR-test) ISO 12236
Water permeation characteristics normal to the plane, without load ISO 11058
Dynamic perforation test (cone drop test) ISO 13433
Pyramid puncture resistance EN 14574
Mass per unit area ISO 9864
Protection efficiency against impact damage ISO 13428
Tensile strength of nonwovens EN 29073-3
Weathering (EN 12224) with following tensile test (EN 29073-3) EN 12224 / EN 29073-3
Determination of burst strength EN 14151


Rigid cellular plastics and sound insulation materials  
Compression behaviour EN 826
Dynamic stiffness ISO 9052-1
Dimensional stability under specified temp. and humidit conditions EN 1604
Tensile strength parallel to faces EN 1607
Short term water absorption by partial immersion EN 1609
Heat of combustion (mineral wool) ISO 1716
Thermal insulating products for building applications ― Determination of the apparent density EN 1602
Determination of compressive creep EN 1606
Acoustics - Materials for acoustical applications - Determination of airflow resistance ISO 9053
Determination of water vapour transmission properties EN 12086


Adhesive Tests   
Determination of peel resistance of adhesive bonds - Floating roller method EN 1464
Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of bonded assemblies EN 1465


Sports surface properties  
Determination of vertical ball behaviour EN 12235
Determination of vertical deformation EN 14809
Determination of shock absorption EN 14808
Slip resistance EN 13036-4 / EN16837
Tensile properties of synthetic sports surfaces EN 12230
Thickness EN 1969
Determination of critical fall height EN 1177
Determination of abrasion resistance of sports surface ISO 5470-1
Determination of rotational friction EN 14903
AAA Methode CEN/TS 16717
Angled ball behaviour, Tennis EN 13865
Determination of rotational resistance EN 15301-1
Determination of particle size – sieving method EN 933-1