Proficiency test according to ISO 17043

Interlaboratory comparisons may be used, for example, to:

  • determine the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests of measurements and to monitor laboratories´ continuing performance
  • identify problems in laboratories and initiate remedial actions which may be related to, for example, individual staff performance or calibration of instrumentation
  • provide additional confidence to laboratory clients
  • identify interlaboratory differences
  • determine the performance characteristics of a method – often known as collaborative trials

The proficiency test OFI-pts2022 covers a wide range of test methods in the field of material testing of plastics and elastomeric materials. Included is the testing of rubber and tests of various plastic products such as geotextiles, pipes, packaging materials, materials for vehicle constructions etc.

161 testing laboratories from 41 countries all over the world participated in the last proficiency test OFI-pts2021. A statistical evaluation was performed on the test results, which have been determined in 52 methods covered by this proficiency test